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Have you noticed all the rubbish around our yard? We have, and we want to change things to make our school beautiful again. We made this video to show you why and how you can help.

Do you have any other ideas about how we can make a difference? If so please post a comment below. 🙂

What games would you like to play?


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The school captains are running games next to the oval on Monday lunch times. They would like to know what games you would like to play. Please vote for your favourite game, and the game with the most votes will be chosen.


What do you want to play?

Fruit Salad
Bean Bag Toss
Sharks and Fish
Memory Tag
Walls of steel

free quiz maker



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At Werribee Primary School we value the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). STEM covers a wide range of disciplines and skills, which are increasingly in demand in our rapidly changing world. STEM skills and knowledge are important for all stages of our learning, jobs and everyday lives.

As part of Victoria’s Education State initiative, the Victorian Government is providing $27 million over five years for 200 Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists in government schools across Victoria (two cohorts of 100 Specialists for two years each, starting in 2016).

In 2016, Werribee Primary School received funding to up skill 2 specialists in STEM. Our 2 specialist, Miss Elliott and Mrs Robertson have been working with teachers and students in their class and during lunchtime activities to help engage them in STEM experiences. We have also enlisted the help of a CSIRO Scientist to work at our school to strengthen our relationship with Primary Industries.

Experimenting with circuits and conductors

Investigating cubes

All students are invited to attend STEM club (a weekly lunchtime activity) that runs in Room 16 every Friday. STEM club provides students opportunities to engage in fun investigations of all kinds in the context of STEM learning.

Some of our activities have include:

  • Paper Helicopters
  • Engineering challenges
  • Using Microscopes to examine things up close
  • Experimenting with different materials


A few weeks ago students designed their own bubble wands to see if they could change what bubbles looked like. After some experimentation most students noticed how they could blow even bigger bubbles by using soapy hands.

For more information about STEM in schools please follow the link.

Roller Disco – Sat 24th June


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Ned Kelly Art


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Sidney Nolan’s Art

Sidney Nolan’s Art

Year 4,5 & 6 used Sydney Nolan’s ‘Kelly Series’ of work as inspiration to create an Australian Landscape painting. They used pastels to create interesting marks that represent Australian Bush. The students finally added Ned Kelly as a collage in the foreground.


Here is a sample of their artwork (on display next to the front office) – to see more amazing pieces come and see them displayed outside the Art Room.




What to you think of the student’s art?

Do you have any spare change?


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The Common Cents challenge is to collect 300 – 5cent pieces. Classes have been given a poster to mark off the coins collected. Money raised will support the Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Threatened Species Program for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Werribee Primary School has supported the Love Your Locals program for several years.

Money will be collected on Thursday 8th June.

Each completed 5 cent poster is enough money to care for an Eastern Barred Bandicoot for one month.

Book Fair and ‘Pirate Day’


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Next week is Werribee Primary School Book Fair. Our theme for Book fair is Pirates starting on Tuesday 30th May until Friday 2nd June. The library will be open each day from 3.10pm  – 3.45pm.


“Arrrrr me Hearties!”

To celebrate the book fair the Junior School Council have organised a ‘Dress like a Pirate Day’ on Thursday the 1st of June. We want everyone to come to school in their best pirate outfits! That could be a pirate, a parrot, a character from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or something that would fit in with ‘Pirate Day’. Your gold coin donation will go towards resources for the library. There will be a parade for all of the pirates in the Learning Gallery on Thursday afternoon. Foundation – 2 will be at 2:20pm and Years 3 – 6 at 2:40pm. The library will be open for book sales from 2:10pm – 3:45pm on Thursday.

Thank you.



Rollathon donations


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A huge thank you goes to all of the parent volunteers that helped supervise the Rollathon last week, greatly appreciated. And well done to everyone that participated!

free glitter text and family website at

Every $5 raised earns a raffle ticket. There are 2 brand new Sacrificing Scooters, 2 X-brand helmets and other amazing prizes to be won.

Money is due by this Friday and the raffle will be drawn at Assembly on Monday 29th May. Thank you to everyone who has already collected donations.

Amazing Art Work


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Have you seen the art on display from term 1? Here is a sample of the fantastic art created last term from Foundation to Year 6.

What do you think of the students artwork?

Cross Country


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Yesterday a fantastic bunch of year 3 to 6 students competed in the Werribee District Cross Country. All students demonstrated our school values and were very successful overall. Werribee Primary School finished 6th out of 10 schools. Manor Lakes finished first winning the shield this year.

Congratulations to the 4 students who have made it through to the next round;

Braydan from 6S finished 3rd

Lou Lou from 5S finished 2nd

Adrijana from 5B finished 5th

Sabrina from 6S finished 3rd

Thank you to Mrs Staehr for organising the day and Mr Hyde, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott for helping us on the day. Also, thank you to Hailee (Emily’s mum) for taking some amazing photos.

Press play to view a slideshow of the day.

As I’m getting ready to start running everything goes silent, unexpectedly I hear the word ‘GO!’ I run and I’m pushing myself to the front, I let everything go and just run. I don’t let anything distract me. My competition started dropping behind me and I just kept going. ‘Ahh’ I got a stitch, but I kept my mind on my goal and I pushed straight through it like I’m breaking through a wall. I was going to stop, but I didn’t have long to go, so I said to myself ‘No I’m not giving up I’m going to keep running, but at the same time I have to try to preserve my energy till the end, even if I don’t win I’ve won my own race by bettering myself. ‘ So I keep running and I get 2nd place, but then he came back up behind me and he got in front of me again. Him and his teammate encourage each other down till the final moment but then in the crowd all I could hear was Blake yelling and screaming at me go ‘you’re almost there Braydan!’ So I follow his advice and I start sprinting and I slow down because I thought I was at the end because last year this was the finish line. My mum yells ‘keep running you’re almost there!’ so I start sprinting again, as I go past the finish line I hear Blake, Sam and a few others yelling and saying ‘Yeah! Great job!’ and so I finish 3rd and I get my certificate. My mum comes and hugs me and says ‘One better than last year’ I replied in an exhausted voice ‘1 point for each kilometre’.

by Braydan

Autism Awareness Day


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Thank you to everyone who made an effort to dress in a bright shirt and donate for Autism Awareness Day on Friday the 28th of March.  🙂



Anzac Day


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On the 24th of April the captains laid a wreath at the War Memorial in Station Street.
Thank you to Leanne Leighton for taking the students to the Cenotaph for Anzac Day.

Rollathon Rescheduled to Thursday 18th May


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The Rollathon has been rescheduled to Thursday the 18th of May 2017.

Students are only allowed to bring a bike or a scooter and helmets must be worn. No skateboards, roller blades, skipping or balls  are allowed in our Rollathon.

All students (and staff) are encouraged to wear their house colours (yellow, red, blue and green). 

Don’t miss out on receiving a raffle ticket (1 for every $5 raised). There are 2 brand new Sacrificing Scooters, 2 X-brand helmets and other amazing prizes to be won.

Winners will be announced at assembly on Monday the 29th of May @ 9am.

We also need some parent helpers to help on the day if you have your working with children check and can help at any time on the day please fill in the slip provided or contact the school.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe day at the Rollathon, By Komol  5B

Amazing things happen


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Do you know what Autism is? The following video is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents.

What do you think of the video?

What did you find out?

Lest we forget


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