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Thank you to Evie, Ethan and Hayley for helping the Werribee Open Range Zoo. These three students were part of a photo shoot on Tuesday to create an informative document to tell others about what to expect when visiting the zoo.

WPS Chess Championship Wrap-up


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The Werribee Primary School Chess Championship concluded last Thursday with the Grand Final. This game was contested by Dhvani Patel of 6H and Blake Williams of 5H. A large audience of students and staff members looked on enthralled, as the two group winners played confidently and aggressively with neither player able achieve checkmate before the time expired. The game had to be decided by points scored for pieces taken and Blake ran out the winner by just one point.

Blake is therefore crowned Werribee Primary School’s chess champion for 2016. Congratulations to Blake and also to Dhvani for being a worthy runner-up!

The journey began in week 2 of the term, with 64 players from Years 3 to 6 competing in the first round. As we moved through the first few rounds of competition it was intriguing to see the different styles of play, from defensive to all-out attack.

The first rounds of the tournament had 64 players from Years 3 to 6.

The first rounds of the tournament had 64 players from Years 3 to 6.

The competition tightened up moving into the quarter final and semi final rounds, with some tense matches between some very good young players.


Competition was tough moving into the final rounds.

The grand final attracted a lot of interest with a large audience crowding into room 10 to watch the two group winners battle it out.


The Grand Final had the large audience captivated.


I would like to thank all the players who entered the competition for coming in and having a go. School values were superbly modelled by the competitors. Players showed resilience in competing and ultimately facing elimination from the competition. Players also treated each other with due respect. The attitude and sportsmanship was first class.

It was great to see the interest generated by this event and I am already looking forward to next year’s tournament. Meanwhile, I encourage aspiring players to keep coming to Chess Club, which will be back in Term 1, 2017.


Thank you staff and students for your support in the past year!

Brent Reichenbach.


STEM Club news


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STEM club has been successfully running every Wednesday at lunch time in Room 15 and is continuing to grow in popularity. This week we had more than 30 students attend to experiment with robots, known as Spheros. Although everyone is welcome, two weeks ago we had only girls attend. They took on the engineering challenge of building something using only toothpicks and marshmallows.

img_2870      img_2834     img_2835

img_3442  img_2859

STEM club has been a huge success and we would like to thank all the students who attended and all the teachers who have helped.

Making our own experiments

Making our own experiments

Next week, Wednesday 7th December, will be the final week of STEM club for the year. We hope to see you there!

Icecream stall


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Come one come all to the ice cream stall, we have ice cream cups and we have cones and best of all we have different kinds of toppings.

When will this amazing event happen you ask? Well its on: Friday 2nd of December.

What are the costs of these amazing sugary treats? only $2.00 for an ice cream, and toppings only 50 cents each!

(Please bring ice cream and topping donations any time before the 2nd of December).

Image result for icecream clipart                                                          please donate ice cream,toppings, and cones.





Water safety


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During the swimming program, the year 6 non-swimmers have been learning about water safety. A few students made posters to demonstrate their learning. Here are some examples:


Five ways to be safe around water;

SLIP on a shirt!

SLAP on a hat!

SLOP on some sunscreen!

SEEK some shade!

SLIDE on sunglasses!

The creators of this poster, Angela and Day Day, made this poster to remind everyone a great message: Be SunSmart, especially around water.


The creators of this post, Ruby and Angela, made this for the same purpose; to remind everyone the importance of being safe around water, although this poster focuses mainly on being safe at the beach.

What do you do to be safe and SunSmart around water?

By Tyler (eSmart Leader).

Welcome to the Music Room!


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Mr Tooth would like to invite you to take a look at the new Music Room blog page (just click here), where you can find out what has been happening in the Music Room, ask any questions you might have and help us celebrate how much we enjoy making and performing music!

We have been focusing on some really exciting stuff in the Music Room, with songs being written, ukuleles being played, composers being researched and instruments being made. You can find out all about it on the Music Room blog page!

Mr Tooth is looking forward to answering all of your questions about the Music Room, and don’t forget…


Hola Amigos! (Hi friends!)


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Siñor Araya is glad to present the Werribee Primary School Blog!



Click here to check out what students have been learning in Spanish along with songs and flash games to practice your Spanish knowledge!

I look forward to hear your response!



‘Forest Conversation’ Poem


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The year 6’s are learning about poems, specifically about sound and onomatopoeia, which is a word that sounds like the sound it’s representing. When it came to writing my poem, I decided to put a creative twist on my writing and use the words in a different way. Here it is:


What did you think of my poem?

Feel free to share your own poems in the comments!

From Samantha 6S

Year 3 & 4 Camp


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We had so much fun but we were exhausted afterwards. We want to do it all again!!

Walktober Begins on Monday


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Walking is good for children: Walking is a great social activity where children spend time with family and friends. 

Walking is good for schools: More children walking to school means less traffic around the scenergy-sustainability21056hool and improved safety for the children.

Walking is good for the environment: Walking is a non-polluting way to travel

Walking saves money: Walking is free.


WPS Chess Championship


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Early in Term 4 we will be holding a school-wide chess tournament to find the Werribee Primary School Chess Champion for 2016!

To enter:

  1. You will need to know the rules of the game. During competition there will be no time to teach you how to play.
  2. Please fill out an entry form with your name and class and return it to Mr Reichenbach at Room 10. You could also give it to your teacher and he/she can pass it on.
  3. There will be limited spaces available, so put in your entry as soon as possible. This week would be perfect!
  4. Matches will mainly take place at lunch times.
  5. You will have the holiday break to practice your game!

If you were not able to get an entry slip, please collect one from me in Room 10.

There has already been a very enthusiastic response from students, with over 50 entries received so far!

Thank you, Mr Reichenbach.

Love Your Locals Day


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The BEST (Environment Student Leaders and Reps) had a fun filled day at the Werribee Open Range Zoo on Thursday. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness of the extinction of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot in the wild. The Zoo is doing all it can to ensure its survival through captive breeding and increasing community awareness.


I’m a Little Bandicoot
Short and Stout
Here are my stripes and Here is my Snout
When the Foxes and Cats come
Hear me shout
“Guardian Dogs Keep Them Out”

BEST at WORZ20160901_135635

Years 3-6 District Athletics Day


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What a fantastic day of running, jumping and throwing! Mrs Staehr, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott took 48 students to the District Athletics Competition to compete against 9 other schools from our region.

All of the students showed excellent effort in their competitions, and supported each other by cheering on their peers.

Press play to see how we went 🙂

A special thanks to Mrs Staehr for organising the day for our students.

Silly Slime Recipe


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Science | Posted on August 15, 2016


Did you come to the amazing STEM night last week? If you enjoyed making the slime and want to make it again here is the recipe. If you missed out on attending the night try out this fun recipe.

Click here for Silly Slime Recipe.

Developmental Play in Foundation


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The foundation students have been doing Developmental Play. They develop their communication skills, creativity and literacy. Here are some pictures of the students along with their writing. Well done to the Foundation students! 🙂

Click on pictures to enlarge;

image  image

image  image

We think the Foundations have done a really good job. What do you think?

by Ayan and James eSmart



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