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Siñor Araya is glad to present the Werribee Primary School Blog!



Click here to check out what students have been learning in Spanish along with songs and flash games to practice your Spanish knowledge!

I look forward to hear your response!



‘Forest Conversation’ Poem


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The year 6’s are learning about poems, specifically about sound and onomatopoeia, which is a word that sounds like the sound it’s representing. When it came to writing my poem, I decided to put a creative twist on my writing and use the words in a different way. Here it is:


What did you think of my poem?

Feel free to share your own poems in the comments!

From Samantha 6S

Year 3 & 4 Camp


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We had so much fun but we were exhausted afterwards. We want to do it all again!!

Walktober Begins on Monday


Posted by Mrs Wembridge | Posted in Sustainability | Posted on October 1, 2016

Walking is good for children: Walking is a great social activity where children spend time with family and friends. 

Walking is good for schools: More children walking to school means less traffic around the scenergy-sustainability21056hool and improved safety for the children.

Walking is good for the environment: Walking is a non-polluting way to travel

Walking saves money: Walking is free.


WPS Chess Championship


Posted by Mrs Wembridge | Posted in chess | Posted on September 12, 2016


Early in Term 4 we will be holding a school-wide chess tournament to find the Werribee Primary School Chess Champion for 2016!

To enter:

  1. You will need to know the rules of the game. During competition there will be no time to teach you how to play.
  2. Please fill out an entry form with your name and class and return it to Mr Reichenbach at Room 10. You could also give it to your teacher and he/she can pass it on.
  3. There will be limited spaces available, so put in your entry as soon as possible. This week would be perfect!
  4. Matches will mainly take place at lunch times.
  5. You will have the holiday break to practice your game!

If you were not able to get an entry slip, please collect one from me in Room 10.

There has already been a very enthusiastic response from students, with over 50 entries received so far!

Thank you, Mr Reichenbach.

Love Your Locals Day


Posted by Mrs Wembridge | Posted in Student leadership, Sustainability | Posted on September 5, 2016

The BEST (Environment Student Leaders and Reps) had a fun filled day at the Werribee Open Range Zoo on Thursday. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness of the extinction of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot in the wild. The Zoo is doing all it can to ensure its survival through captive breeding and increasing community awareness.


I’m a Little Bandicoot
Short and Stout
Here are my stripes and Here is my Snout
When the Foxes and Cats come
Hear me shout
“Guardian Dogs Keep Them Out”

BEST at WORZ20160901_135635

Years 3-6 District Athletics Day


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Sport, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6 | Posted on August 24, 2016

What a fantastic day of running, jumping and throwing! Mrs Staehr, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott took 48 students to the District Athletics Competition to compete against 9 other schools from our region.

All of the students showed excellent effort in their competitions, and supported each other by cheering on their peers.

Press play to see how we went :-)

A special thanks to Mrs Staehr for organising the day for our students.

Silly Slime Recipe


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Science | Posted on August 15, 2016


Did you come to the amazing STEM night last week? If you enjoyed making the slime and want to make it again here is the recipe. If you missed out on attending the night try out this fun recipe.

Click here for Silly Slime Recipe.

Developmental Play in Foundation


Posted by Ayan_eSmart | Posted in Foundation | Posted on August 8, 2016

The foundation students have been doing Developmental Play. They develop their communication skills, creativity and literacy. Here are some pictures of the students along with their writing. Well done to the Foundation students! :-)

Click on pictures to enlarge;

image  image

image  image

We think the Foundations have done a really good job. What do you think?

by Ayan and James eSmart



National Tree Day 2016


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Reading, Sustainability | Posted on August 4, 2016

Last week the whole school read ‘The Last Tree in the City’ by Peter Canavas. Each year level created something inspired by the book. Students from each year level presented their work at assembly on Monday – press play to see their amazing work.

The book reminded us how important nature is and to always think of others and lead by example.

‘The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago. The second best time is today.’

On Friday students from across the school contributed to weeding and planting to help improve our gardens. Press play to see some of the hard work :-)

Thank you to everyone who participated – a big thanks to Mrs Wembridge for organising the lessons and gardening. :-)

Learning About Waste


Posted by Mrs Wembridge | Posted in Sustainability | Posted on July 27, 2016

Over the last couple of weeks, Tess and Evan have been conducting waste incursions for all classes. They have been learning what can and cannot be recycled. What do you know about recycling?


Waste Incursion2_7_Images

Just a reminder:

  1. 1. Nude food is best (then there is no rubbish)
  2. 2. If you decide to bring food in packaging then the landfill rubbish belongs to you and needs to be taken home.

There are two Snack Shack areas. This is the only place where students are allowed to eat when outside.

Year 5/6 Hoop time


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56 Hoop time 2016 


Yesterday Miss Scarrott and Miss Elliott took 6 teams to Eagle stadium to compete in a basketball competition. We were very proud of our students for showing the school values, trying hard all day, showing excellent team work and overall, enjoying themselves.

A huge thank you to Davin and Michelle for helping out all day. 






Here is a snapshot by Piper from 6M about yesterday;

Sweat drips off my dangerously hot head onto the polished wooden floor. Time is ticking rapidly, I’m starting to panic. I’m frantically searching for someone to pass to… No one’s there. My feet thud on the court. Running one side to another, it was longer than I thought. So many opportunities out there but I want this for myself. I shoot for goal, thud, thud, the ball bounced on the ring hitting the clear backboard and into the basket. I jump up and down excitedly, “I can’t believe I got it in” I thought. 


STEM Club at Werribee Primary School


Posted by Miss Elliott | Posted in STEM | Posted on June 24, 2016

S.T.E.M stands for, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Students at Werribee Primary School have been learning about STEM subjects during weekly STEM clubs, held at lunch times on Wednesdays.

Boys making Straw Rockets

Boys making Straw Rockets

Having fun with Straw Rockets

Having fun with Straw Rockets

“STEM club is all about having fun and making cool stuff with different materials. It’s good fun and you can make friends. So drop by if you like. STEM club is awesome!” – Chris 4J

“It was really awesome because I got to make a rocket out of a straw.” – Isaiah 4S

Students designing and constructing their own creations

Students designing and constructing their own creations

“I like STEM club because I can make things I don’t get to make at home. It’s about having fun and trying something new and not giving up. I liked designing my own city of ‘Alien Brains.’ – Joshua 3W

“I love STEM club because we do lots of science and we build card houses in groups and make lots of ideas. It was tricky but I still learnt a lot.” – Catherine 3W


“I really enjoy STEM club. I can relax and work with a team to design and make things. It can help you build your communication with people and resilience.” – Tarteel 6R


Our great creations


Thankyou for the voluntary contributions


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in eSmart, ICT | Posted on June 21, 2016

We are extremely grateful for those parents who made a voluntary contribution towards ICT at Werribee Primary School. With these contributions we were able to purchase a set of Spheros – app controlled robotic balls. 

Spheros allow students to play, learn and explore the amazing world of robotics, while developing increasingly important coding and STEM principles.

Thanks to your help we now have more resources to build these skills that will be vital to our future, in an ever evolving digital world.

If you are curious or you would like more information about Spheros please visit http://www.sphero.com/sphero

Thank you again for your generosity,

Nathan Cuthbertson

Leading Teacher – ICT, Assessment and Reporting

Spheros are a great way to learn how to write computer code. You don’t need to know much about coding but a little bit of knowledge can help. Good places to learn are websites that teach you how, like www.code.org , Scratch and Tynker.

Sphero’s are great for learning loads of different skills such as using trial and error, angles, understanding time, speed and distance. It is a fantastic tool for building team work and problem solving skills. You quickly learn instruction and coding vocabulary to make the Sphero move how you want it to. We think that using Sphero’s is really fun and they are awesome to play with, learning is just a bonus!

By Tristan and Ashley (eSmart team)

Year 6 Election Results


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Student leadership | Posted on June 17, 2016

Thank you to everyone that attended the elections yesterday.

A HUGE Congratulations to all of the Year 6 students for all of their hard work during the campaign and on election day.

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

I look forward to seeing you put your policies into place :-)

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