Rollathon Rescheduled to Thursday 18th May


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The Rollathon has been rescheduled to Thursday the 18th of May 2017.

Students are only allowed to bring a bike or a scooter and helmets must be worn. No skateboards, roller blades, skipping or balls  are allowed in our Rollathon.

All students (and staff) are encouraged to wear their house colours (yellow, red, blue and green). 

Don’t miss out on receiving a raffle ticket (1 for every $5 raised). There are 2 brand new Sacrificing Scooters, 2 X-brand helmets and other amazing prizes to be won.

Winners will be announced at assembly on Monday the 22nd of May @ 9am.

We also need some parent helpers to help on the day if you have your working with children check and can help at any time on the day please fill in the slip provided or contact the school.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe day at the Rollathon, By Komol  5B

Amazing things happen


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Do you know what Autism is? The following video is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents.

What do you think of the video?

What did you find out?

Lest we forget


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Autism Awareness Day


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5/6 Camp


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Camp Kangaroobie was a blast! 116 students and 14 adults for 4 days of mud and mayhem. We climbed ropes, paddled canoes, competed in games, tackled an obstacle course, explored the farm, sang songs and learned bush dancing. The whole group had an amazing afternoon at the beach building sand castles, climbing sand dunes, splashing about and just relaxing. Press play to see just a few photos from 5/6 Camp 2017.


Our favourite memory of Camp Kangaroobie

Sabrina – ‘I like the ropes because we worked in teams.’

Blake – ‘When Miss Scarrott spoke to a Donkey it froze.’

Harshita – ‘The night walk because it was exciting and fun’

What was your favourite moment on camp?

Harmony Day


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The school was filled with colour and excitement! Students, teachers and parents celebrated Harmony Day in style. We had amazing displays from a range of different cultures set up in the gym. A huge thank you to everyone involved in organising today.

Press play to see some fabulous clothes worn and some of the displays and activities in the gym.

What does Harmony Day mean to you?

Did you visit the gym, if so what did you see?

Active Travel Launch – March 17, 2017


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As part of the Active Travel program, Werribee Primary School has had Active Travel markers installed to show where to travel safely and actively to school. Three Active Travel paths have been installed – Kelly Path, Soldiers Path and River Path. Students and their families, teachers, and representatives from Wyndham City Council and Bicycle Network met at one of the designated path starting points to walk to school together.
We had over 80 families walk on the day. The weather was perfect.
Will you be walking more often?

Lunchtime Gardening


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Thank you to the students who have been joining Mrs Wembridge for Lunchtime Gardening on Thursdays. They have been very busy weeding and digging the vegie patch in the Secret Garden and have also planted new plants in the raised beds in front of Rooms 1 & 2.

Clean Up Australia Day – March 2017


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Since 1992, school communities across Australia have demonstrated their support for caring for the environment through participating in Schools Clean Up Day. Clean Up Australia demonstrates that people are willing to do something to help protect and care for their environment.

Year 6 students challenge themselves with s.t.e.M


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The Year 6 students took on a STEM challenge where they were determined to find 11 unique nets that could be folded to create a cube.

As the investigation continued some students in 6H decided to take on their own challenge in a project they called ‘Project 5 Cubes’ or ‘5C’s’ for short.
Students challenged themselves to find out how many 2D squares they would need if they were to fit one cube inside another. Here is some of the Mathematics they recorded:
1 x 1 cube = 6 2D squares
2 x 2 cube = 24 2D squares
3 x 3 cube = 54 2D squares
4 x 4 cube 96 2D squares
5 x5 cube 150 2D squares
Using a total of 340 2D squares


Students comments:
 “This was a fun project to do with a lot of cooperation” – Hayden
“This was a fun maths activity with lots of teamwork” – Hadar
“It was a project that needed teamwork and we went all GUNS BLAZING!” – Joanna
“Even though it was exhausting and hard to find enough materials, at least we had a lot of FUN!” – Kitchie


Students then went on to attempt to calculate how many more squares they would need to continue their project and tried hard to find a pattern to help them. They discovered that:

6 x 6 cube = 216 2D squares and that the number of squares needed increases by 12 more each time – 6 (+18), 24 (+30), 54 (+42), 96 (+54)

Could you help them to continue the pattern?



Professor Bunsen investigates Heat with the Year 3/4s


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On March 2nd, the year 3/4s had a visit from Professor Bunsen – The Science Guy.

Heat is a form of energy created by the motion of molecules.
In line with our Inquiry Topic – Heat, his interactive presentation focused on the influence heat has on matter. Using a range of exciting experiments and demonstrations Professor Bunsen showed us:

* The difference between hot and cold
* What happens when matter gets heated?
* Types of heat including reflection, radiation, convection & conduction of heat
* The sources of heat (friction, electricity, chemical, sun)
* Heat effects: colour changes, melting, deformation or expansion, combustion (demonstrate steam engine and other heat engines)

The day ended with a rocket launch on the basketball courts. We had a fantastic day and have learnt a lot about heat  in a very fun way!

Developmental Play


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The students in Year 1/2W are having heaps of fun, learning a lot, using their imagination and communication skills. We have set up several Shopping Centre play areas.

Pet Shop

Toy shop

Medical Centre

Year 2s and 1/2W are Mad About Science


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Look what we have been creating! The “Push Me, Pull Me Toy Company” needed our help.

So we had the job of creating a new toy that could be pushed or pulled for them.

GRIP Leadership Conference


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Last Friday was a very exciting day for all of the captains. We were lucky enough to attend the GRIP Leadership conference in Melbourne. We had the opportunity to meet with student leaders from other schools in Victoria. Through fun & interactive activities we learnt about what it takes to be a great leader. We all generated ideas for how we can improve Werribee Primary School and look forward to implementing some of our ideas soon. Thankyou to Miss Scarrott and Miss Van Ravenstein for taking us.

By Brooklyn & Jack



If you have any ideas of how we can make Werribee Primary School even better than it already is please post a comment below.


Thank you


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Thank you to Evie, Ethan and Hayley for helping the Werribee Open Range Zoo. These three students were part of a photo shoot on Tuesday to create an informative document to tell others about what to expect when visiting the zoo.
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