Angry Birds Angle Lesson


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Maths | Posted on November 25, 2012

The 5/6 Students have been learning about angles and how to use a protractor. To practice their skills they created their own Angry Birds level. The students loved it, please look below for examples of their work. To view more angry birds levels visit our wiki at The lesson was found on Mr Avery’s Blog (thanks Mr Avery).


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Awesome lesson. Very oringinal and engaging. I engoyed a lot. It should be part of the curriculum from now on. Keep up the good work.

This lesson was really fun, at the start we didn’t even know that we were doing maths. Then Miss Scarrott told us that we had to measure the angles that we fired the birds at. I recommend this lesson to all teachers because all the students in our class loved it.

This lesson was awesome I learnt a lot about measuring angles and how to use a protractor it was really fun.

I found this lesson to be so much fun, I liked how it had something to do with what we like and we had no idea it was maths until the end.

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