Dali Birds


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Art | Posted on August 5, 2013

Salvador Dali’s Elephants

Grade 3/4 students were inspired by Salvador Dali’s Elephants when they created their own Dali Birds.  Students worked over two weeks and used various painting tools such as brushes, cardboard pieces, fingers and match sticks to create a gradient background and the birds.


Click play to see some examples of the amazing art work the 3/4 students created.




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The Salvador Dali’s Elephant looks amazing and such an inspiring piece of art. The 3/4’s did a great job on the birds and the pretty background. It’s an awesome display around the art room. Well done!

I love these birds. What great artwork.

The Dali birds look great and I think that they should be put up on a show. Whoever painted them must be an artist. I wish I had painted them because I love them. So good job!

These pieces of artwork are so amazing, you can tell all of the kids have worked so hard on this and their work has really paid off. I hope many people see this because it is so amazing and to think children worked for over 2 weeks on these they deserve it to be shared with the world.

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