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Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Nude Food, Sustainability | Posted on September 6, 2013

The Best Nude Food Grade Awards were presented by Jessie and Alannah at assembly this week. The winning grades were:

Prep P – 42%                1/2 C – 64%                

3/4 C – 54%                    5/6 R – 54%

Congratulations to 1/2C with 64% of their grade with nude food! This is the highest percentage scored this term. 🙂 They are the winners of the nude food trophy this week.

Remember to reduce, reuse, rethink and recycle!

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wa how for me and my class 1/2c.


I think 1/2c did a awsome job for winning the nu de food trophy.

from finn,

Hi 1/2C,:]

Good job on getting the nud e food trophy!

From Tully

Congratulations 1/2C. You seem to be winning the ‘nude food’ award often.

hi 1/2C,

good gob on winners of the nud e food trophy.
september the 9th.


Well done 1/2C

Wow, I can’t believe that was my old class. I miss them very much but congratulates for winning that!👍

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