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Last Friday the year 6 students visited Scienceworks and the Planitarium. We watched Tilt which taught us about the tilt of the Earth and how it effects our seasons, we also learnt about the stars in our solar system. The students (and teachers/parents 🙂 ) had a ball with all of the interactive displays in Sportsworks and also learnt about about what the future might look like in the Think Ahead exhibition.

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Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,
When I went to Science works I had a load of fun. My favourite part was when we went to sports works and I did things where I raced Cathy Freeman and kicked a footy or two. I recommend that if you are looking for something to do on the weekend, GO TO SCIENCEWORKS!
From Lucas

Dear miss Scarrott,
Scienceworks was very fun and educational because we got to see a lot of new things and it was really fascinating. Because it was my first time I didn’t know what to expect but when I got there I was really amazed in how good it was. I would definitely recommend going there. Something I learnt was that the earth spins on its axies.
From Alyssa 6s

Dear Miss Scarrott,
When we went to science works it was really fun. We went to the Planetarium and I have never been there before it was really cool. The favourite thing that I liked about science works was sports works because you got to lots of things that got to do with sports like running, skiing, wheelchair racing and other sports. I also liked the mind control thing where you have to move the ball with your minds.
From Ahere.

Dear Everyone,
I thought Science works was amazing and super fun because it isn’t every day we go on an excursion. My favourite part of going to Science works was the Planetarium,I have never ever been in a dome like a cinema. 😀
From Milla 6S

Scienceworks was great! I have a fun time looking at all the fascinating inventions. The plantarium was an epic experience. Overall great excursion.

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