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Yesterday all the year 3 classes got together to see if the solar oven was able to cook an egg during the last lesson of the day. We tried out two of the solar ovens provided by Professor Bunsen. In one of the ovens we used a ‘silver’ frying pan. In the other, a ‘black’ frying pan which we predicted would be better due to its ability to retain radiated heat a little better. This proved to be true as the egg in the black pan actually cooked!

All up it was an eggxcellent lesson which proved to be very popular! By Mr Zaitzev

IMG_3430  IMG_3432  IMG_3426

IMG_3424  IMG_3425

Professor Bunsen visited the year  3 & 4’s at the start of term.

IMG_3358  IMG_3361  IMG_3367

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professor bunsen hand on fire so cool.soler cooking great for peple that don’t have cookers like we do have

put some bacon on the oven with tomato sauce and butter on bread and salt on bacon oh dont forget I want muffins to and cooked TOMATOS ._.

We love your joke it was funny!

mr. zaitzev the school blog was very interesting but it was a bit funny when you said eggsalent.ha ha ha from

the egg got cook cause then sun got in the egg and the egg got hot and also the pam it look like it melt ha ha ha funny from pawpawklay

I love it (I was there)

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