CERES Incursion – Renewable Energy


Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Science | Posted on July 17, 2015

Today CERES came to our school and taught the year 6 students about electricity and global warming. The students generated electricity by riding a special bike that powered lights, a hair dryer, a fan and a kettle. They also used arm power to generate power to a fan which in turn charged a remote control car. A few students acted out how global warming works.

Press play to view a slideshow of today.

How do you feel about global warming?

Do you or do you know anyone that uses renewable energy?

What do you know about renewable and nonrenewable energy?


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Renewable energy is an excellent way to look after the environment. Werribee PS will do its part by having solar panels installed at school this year.

It was fun riding the bike till the pedal banged my leg and i got a bruise. The bag that i looked at had a solar panel and you could charge any thing inside.

I feel very worried about global warming because it will be the end of human civilisation, so we must look after our earth. I know my uncle uses renewable energy at home,he uses solar power from the sun. Renewable energy is that you can use it all over again and it is unlimited and non renewable energy is that it is very limited and that you need to use it wisely or else there will be nothing left.
From Eh Htoo Wah

Were there 20 light globes?

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