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Posted by Miss Scarrott | Posted in Sport | Posted on May 4, 2017

Yesterday a fantastic bunch of year 3 to 6 students competed in the Werribee District Cross Country. All students demonstrated our school values and were very successful overall. Werribee Primary School finished 6th out of 10 schools. Manor Lakes finished first winning the shield this year.

Congratulations to the 4 students who have made it through to the next round;

Braydan from 6S finished 3rd

Lou Lou from 5S finished 2nd

Adrijana from 5B finished 5th

Sabrina from 6S finished 3rd

Thank you to Mrs Staehr for organising the day and Mr Hyde, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott for helping us on the day. Also, thank you to Hailee (Emily’s mum) for taking some amazing photos.

Press play to view a slideshow of the day.

As I’m getting ready to start running everything goes silent, unexpectedly I hear the word ‘GO!’ I run and I’m pushing myself to the front, I let everything go and just run. I don’t let anything distract me. My competition started dropping behind me and I just kept going. ‘Ahh’ I got a stitch, but I kept my mind on my goal and I pushed straight through it like I’m breaking through a wall. I was going to stop, but I didn’t have long to go, so I said to myself ‘No I’m not giving up I’m going to keep running, but at the same time I have to try to preserve my energy till the end, even if I don’t win I’ve won my own race by bettering myself. ‘ So I keep running and I get 2nd place, but then he came back up behind me and he got in front of me again. Him and his teammate encourage each other down till the final moment but then in the crowd all I could hear was Blake yelling and screaming at me go ‘you’re almost there Braydan!’ So I follow his advice and I start sprinting and I slow down because I thought I was at the end because last year this was the finish line. My mum yells ‘keep running you’re almost there!’ so I start sprinting again, as I go past the finish line I hear Blake, Sam and a few others yelling and saying ‘Yeah! Great job!’ and so I finish 3rd and I get my certificate. My mum comes and hugs me and says ‘One better than last year’ I replied in an exhausted voice ‘1 point for each kilometre’.

by Braydan

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Fantastic photos and Congratulations to all the kids who look like they had an awesome day competing for our school. Thanks kids, thanks teachers and a big thanks to Hailee P for her impression of igloo man…. oh and taking the pics 📷🤣

Awsome job WPS, what a great day and amazing efforts by all the kids invovled.

Congratulations to you all.
What an amazing effort and it is great to see you all had fun.

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