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Werribee Primary School is making a TAKE2 pledge, which is a promise to take action on climate change.

There are a lot of single-use plastic products many of us use without thinking.
You can choose to refuse plastic by selecting one of these actions:

1. Take a reusable cup for a takeaway coffee

2. Say ‘no thanks’ to plastic straws
3. Fill your own reusable bottle with water and take it with you.

4. Take a reusable container to get your takeaway.

5. Use reusable bags when grocery shopping!

Our Profile page is: https://www.take2.vic.gov.au/pledges/?profileid=612c20a2-ec6c-e711-8108-1458d05a586c

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Since Werribee Primary School made this pledge I have been thinking about the amount of plastic going to landfill. I have already been collecting soft plastics for recycling and I can see the difference in the amount of rubbish I send to landfill.
How long does it take for plastic to be gone? 450 years!!

The pledge I make is to use my reusable bags when grocery shopping.

What is your pledge?

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