Sustainability MASCOT finalists


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Spanish Fiesta Day


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Last week Werribee Primary School had its first ever Spanish Fiesta Day! It was a fantastic day and everyone had great fun! Teachers and students came dressed up in Spanish inspired clothing and learned many different Spanish dances with the help of a dance incursion. The foundation students had some fantastic “Day of the Dead” face paint done by our amazing year 6 students and all them had a blast! We also had the chance to try some Spanish food and the churros were a hit with the students!

We would like to thank all the teachers and students in dressing up and participating in the day and we hope to have another fiesta again!

A MASSIVE Thank you to the Specialist Teachers for organising the day! 🙂

Ole! Ole! Ole!

Ned Kelly Art


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Sidney Nolan’s Art

Sidney Nolan’s Art

Year 4,5 & 6 used Sydney Nolan’s ‘Kelly Series’ of work as inspiration to create an Australian Landscape painting. They used pastels to create interesting marks that represent Australian Bush. The students finally added Ned Kelly as a collage in the foreground.


Here is a sample of their artwork (on display next to the front office) – to see more amazing pieces come and see them displayed outside the Art Room.




What to you think of the student’s art?

Amazing Art Work


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Have you seen the art on display from term 1? Here is a sample of the fantastic art created last term from Foundation to Year 6.

What do you think of the students artwork?

1 & 2 awesome art!


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The students in year 1 & 2 have learned about colour and looked at the collage art of famous artist, Henry Matisse. They have used his works as inspiration to create their own collages. Using cut, paste and layering methods and techniques, they cut out a “moving” shape and used primary colours to make a picture similar to Matisse’s “Jazz Icarus”. What a cool way to learn about famous artists! Good job to everyone!

Ayan and Tyler (eSmart)

click to enlarge.

image image image

image image image

what do you think about this artwork?

This work can be seen pesented at the front entrance. 

Amazing Art Work!


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IMG_6226  IMG_6225

The year 4,5 & 6 students have created some unique and quite unusual still life drawings of plants and flowers in the art room. They used black pastel on black card to draw the outline, they then blended coloured pastels in contrasting colours to make their drawings pop! by Mrs Geisler



Life Skills and Graffiti Prevention


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Today the year 5 & 6 students participated in an incursion about life skills and graffiti prevention by Wyndham City Council. Xavier did a fantastic job of teaching the students about good life choices and the difference between graffiti and street art.

Click on the links for more information.

Graffiti Information Sheet

Parent Graffiti Information Sheet

image  image


What messages did you learn from Xavier today?

Art fancies


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Hello! Come and see the art work by foundation to year 6 students in 2015.
by Tyler and Jensen (eSmart reps).

Click to enlarge any of the photos

image image image

image image image

IMG_0662 IMG_0655 IMG_0656

image image image

We think the work is outstanding, what do you think?


Selfies by years 4,5 & 6 students


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IMG_1479  IMG_1480

IMG_1486  IMG_1485

IMG_1483  IMG_1487  IMG_1482

IMG_1484  IMG_1481

Amazing Art Work


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Look at some of the fantastic art work created by our Year 1 – 4 students.

Year 1/2’s Picasso Masks

IMG_5354  IMG_5352  IMG_5353

IMG_5357  IMG_5356

Year 3/4’s Japanese Style Banraku Puppets

IMG_5347  IMG_5351

IMG_5350     IMG_5349


Well done Zara!


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Last term I posted an animoto slideshow showcasing students’ artwork that were applying for an Art Scholarship offered by Wyndham Rotary Club.

Click here to see the post.

I am very happy to announce that Zara from 6F was successful in being awarded the scholarship!


A big thankyou goes to Mrs Geisler for helping all of the students with their applications for the scholarship.  🙂



Junior Arts Scholarship


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We have some very talented artists at Werribee Primary School!

Some of the year 6 students have applied for the Junior Art Scholarship offered by the Wyndham Rotary Club.
The winner of the 2014 scholarship will be announced on Wednesday the 23rd of July.

Here is a slideshow showcasing the students artwork they created for the application.

Art is Art, Damage is Damage, Know the difference!


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This term the year 6 students studied Street Art in the Art room. To follow up from their work they went to Melbourne for an excursion. The students took a street art tour and also visitied the Ian Potter Gallery at Federation Square.

We saw some amazing work, a huge thankyou to Ms Geisler for organising the day and to the parent helpers that helped out too.

I was blown away by the amazing street art and I would love to go back and have another look very soon.

Have you seen the Street Art in Melbourne?

If so, what did you think of it?

Camp Booklet design winner


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Congratulations to Ju Ray from 6R who is the winner of the 5/6 camp booklet cover competition! Each grade voted on their favourite design and then Ju Ray was the final winner 🙂

The year 5/6 students and teachers are looking forward to a fun filled camp. We leave on Tuesday morning to head to the Log Cabin Camp in Creswick where we will be visiting Sovereign Hill for amazing activities and a spectacular sound and light show. We return on the Friday – last day of term 🙂

1/2 Art


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Working hard over the past several weeks, with the guidance of the amazing Ms Geisler, 1/2C have designed and created some curious felt creatures. The students planned their creatures by making outlines. They cut their felt according to their outlines and both sewed and glued the pieces together.

They love their cute little creatures.

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