Year 2 ‘Day Camp’


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Yesterday the year 2’s went to Coastal Forest Lodge Camp in Angelsea. We did loads of fun activities like archery, hut building, mini golf, low ropes and making damper. It was a fantastic day full of laughs, sunshine and making new friends.

Press play to watch a slideshow of the day.

Year 2 Day Camp


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What a fantastic day! We had so much fun. Archery, mini golf, walking, low rope, bush hut building, challenges, games room, photo trail, BBQ lunch and a massive dinner. The weather was great and we were very well behaved. Thank you to the teachers for organizing the day!!


5/6 Camp


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Camp Kangaroobie was a blast! 116 students and 14 adults for 4 days of mud and mayhem. We climbed ropes, paddled canoes, competed in games, tackled an obstacle course, explored the farm, sang songs and learned bush dancing. The whole group had an amazing afternoon at the beach building sand castles, climbing sand dunes, splashing about and just relaxing. Press play to see just a few photos from 5/6 Camp 2017.


Our favourite memory of Camp Kangaroobie

Sabrina – ‘I like the ropes because we worked in teams.’

Blake – ‘When Miss Scarrott spoke to a Donkey it froze.’

Harshita – ‘The night walk because it was exciting and fun’

What was your favourite moment on camp?

Year 3 & 4 Camp


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We had so much fun but we were exhausted afterwards. We want to do it all again!!

3/4 camp 2015


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Camp Manyung

This year the 3/4s went to mount Eliza to go to camp Manyung. All the kids had a great experience and there was yummy food and great activities. The great activities were; Giant swing, flying fox, tree rolling, beach games, rock pool ramble, bush cooking, bike riding, radios, basketball, table tennis, ga ga pit, tennis, movie and disco. By Lou, Tristan, Nadia and Manaia


We have a question for you – have you ever been to camp Manyung?


3/4 Camp 2014


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It was finally my turn. As I nervously stepped forward to be harnessed I hold my breath in anticipation. My group buddies gradually pull me up. I anxiously wait to pull the rope. “3, 2, 1” There was dead silence. All I can fell in my heart pounding like a herd of elephants. My stomach is still up in the air. The air rushes past my face as I swing.
Jessica 3/4W

As we arrive at the Hut Building, I am excited. I have never done hut building before. I look around at the marvellous creations that have already been built. I am impressed. I wonder if I can make a better one. Our group work together as a team. We need lots of leaves because that will make it waterproof. Mr Helmore uses the bucket to add water. “Will we get wet?”
Gilition 3/4E

“Mmmmm! Tasty” I think to myself.  I lick my lips. We are making damper. My hands are so messy. But it has been really fun! Ben 3/4W

Camp Booklet design winner


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Congratulations to Ju Ray from 6R who is the winner of the 5/6 camp booklet cover competition! Each grade voted on their favourite design and then Ju Ray was the final winner 🙂

The year 5/6 students and teachers are looking forward to a fun filled camp. We leave on Tuesday morning to head to the Log Cabin Camp in Creswick where we will be visiting Sovereign Hill for amazing activities and a spectacular sound and light show. We return on the Friday – last day of term 🙂

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