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Whenever I go to school

I have to follow the rules

I love going to class

I always have a blast

Learning is so much fun

I always like to come


Year 6 Campaign Speeches


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The year 6’s are having an election as part of their Government Unit for term 4. Each class has worked hard to create their own policies and campaign speech. There is a whole school voting day on Wednesday the 15th of November in the Learning Gallery. See timetable below for your classes time to vote.

If you missed seeing the speeches at assembly, or want to watch them again here they are;

Make a Change Party (James 6M)

The Say-lor Party (Senuka 6H)

The Dream Party (Gabriel 6S)

Timetable for election day:

9:15am – Foundation B & Foundation G

9:30am – Foundation M & 1C

9:45am – 1I & 1P

10:15am – 4D & 5M

11:10am – 1/2W & 2B

11:25am – 2C & 2S

11:40am – 3J, 3R & 3H

11:55am – 4E & 4S

12:25pm – 5B & 5S


Who do you think is the most persuasive?


Book Fair and ‘Pirate Day’


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Next week is Werribee Primary School Book Fair. Our theme for Book fair is Pirates starting on Tuesday 30th May until Friday 2nd June. The library will be open each day from 3.10pm  – 3.45pm.


“Arrrrr me Hearties!”

To celebrate the book fair the Junior School Council have organised a ‘Dress like a Pirate Day’ on Thursday the 1st of June. We want everyone to come to school in their best pirate outfits! That could be a pirate, a parrot, a character from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ or something that would fit in with ‘Pirate Day’. Your gold coin donation will go towards resources for the library. There will be a parade for all of the pirates in the Learning Gallery on Thursday afternoon. Foundation – 2 will be at 2:20pm and Years 3 – 6 at 2:40pm. The library will be open for book sales from 2:10pm – 3:45pm on Thursday.

Thank you.



Amazing things happen


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Do you know what Autism is? The following video is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents.

What do you think of the video?

What did you find out?

Professor Bunsen investigates Heat with the Year 3/4s


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On March 2nd, the year 3/4s had a visit from Professor Bunsen – The Science Guy.

Heat is a form of energy created by the motion of molecules.
In line with our Inquiry Topic – Heat, his interactive presentation focused on the influence heat has on matter. Using a range of exciting experiments and demonstrations Professor Bunsen showed us:

* The difference between hot and cold
* What happens when matter gets heated?
* Types of heat including reflection, radiation, convection & conduction of heat
* The sources of heat (friction, electricity, chemical, sun)
* Heat effects: colour changes, melting, deformation or expansion, combustion (demonstrate steam engine and other heat engines)

The day ended with a rocket launch on the basketball courts. We had a fantastic day and have learnt a lot about heat  in a very fun way!

Year 2s and 1/2W are Mad About Science


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Look what we have been creating! The “Push Me, Pull Me Toy Company” needed our help.

So we had the job of creating a new toy that could be pushed or pulled for them.

WPS Chess Championship Wrap-up


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The Werribee Primary School Chess Championship concluded last Thursday with the Grand Final. This game was contested by Dhvani Patel of 6H and Blake Williams of 5H. A large audience of students and staff members looked on enthralled, as the two group winners played confidently and aggressively with neither player able achieve checkmate before the time expired. The game had to be decided by points scored for pieces taken and Blake ran out the winner by just one point.

Blake is therefore crowned Werribee Primary School’s chess champion for 2016. Congratulations to Blake and also to Dhvani for being a worthy runner-up!

The journey began in week 2 of the term, with 64 players from Years 3 to 6 competing in the first round. As we moved through the first few rounds of competition it was intriguing to see the different styles of play, from defensive to all-out attack.

The first rounds of the tournament had 64 players from Years 3 to 6.

The first rounds of the tournament had 64 players from Years 3 to 6.

The competition tightened up moving into the quarter final and semi final rounds, with some tense matches between some very good young players.


Competition was tough moving into the final rounds.

The grand final attracted a lot of interest with a large audience crowding into room 10 to watch the two group winners battle it out.


The Grand Final had the large audience captivated.


I would like to thank all the players who entered the competition for coming in and having a go. School values were superbly modelled by the competitors. Players showed resilience in competing and ultimately facing elimination from the competition. Players also treated each other with due respect. The attitude and sportsmanship was first class.

It was great to see the interest generated by this event and I am already looking forward to next year’s tournament. Meanwhile, I encourage aspiring players to keep coming to Chess Club, which will be back in Term 1, 2017.


Thank you staff and students for your support in the past year!

Brent Reichenbach.


It’s never too cold for Ice-Cream!! Ice Cream Stall – Thursday 23rd June


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Hello Everyone,

On Thursday 23rd June we will be celebrating the end of Semester One with an Ice-cream Stall during the day!

Ice-Creams will cost $2.00, and each topping will cost 50c each.

All money raised will be going to Werribee Primary School.

6M will come and visit your class to collect them on the day, the schedule will come directly to your teachers from Miss McCarthy.


Twelve Days of Minecraft


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On the twelfth day of Christmas, Minecraft gave to me

Twelve blocky grass

Eleven exploding creepers

Ten warring endermen

Nine groaning zombies

Eight demon ores

Seven arrows flying

Six bunnies hopping

Five burning trees

Four skeletons

Three Minecraft players

Two mining kids

And a diamond sword just for me

Written by Jake 3E

Year 3 Writing


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Isaiah’s Story

The boy got off the bus right out the front of his house. Then he said to himself, “Man it’s good to be home!” When he opened the door, the boy rushed to his Mum and Dad. They gave him a big hug. The boy said to his Mum and Dad, “I’ve got presents. Mum for you I got a handmade birdhouse. And for you Dad, I got a handmade baseball bat.”

Isaiah 3W

art 009 (2)

Solar Panels for Werribee Primary School


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Earlier this year, Werribee Primary School wrote a submission for a Community Environment Grant titled – The World is in Our Hands. We are very excited to have been successful in obtaining a grant for $22000 from the Wyndham City Council. The installation of these solar panels will be taking place in November.

As a 5 Star ResourceSmart school, we are proud of our ability to take practical action to reduce emissions through installing solar power systems. Thank you to the Wyndham City Council for their support.

solar panel


Writing Competition


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Year 3 students entered the Write4 Fun writing competition last term. Seven of them were chosen as finalists ,which means their short stories will now be published in a book! 

Well done to these students for becoming published authors:

Zahra, Jack M, Zoe, Lou, Madi B, Heaven and Abhi

 Click below to read their stories in an online flip book (double click on pages to make it easier to read the texts).

Year 3 top Write 4 Fun competition entries

What do you think of their writing?

Year 2 Writer’s Mega Workshop


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IMG_4488IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4640

Each Thursday the Year 2 students all work together in a Writer’s Mega Workshop.

Amazing Year 4 Writing!


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Imagine you are in a room with 15 doors in front of you. Which one would you choose? Where would they go?

Read the amazing writing pieces below to find out what some year 4 students thought.





by Coop 4T


by Caitlin 4J


by Finn 4J


by Ahmet 4T


What do you think might be behind the doors?


Recipes to Make You Sick


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Year 3 students have been creating some recipes that are disgusting, sickening and revolting Just for You!

Here is one for you to read:



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