Congratulations Kaidyn


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Well done to Kaidyn from 6H who placed 50th on the Australian Mathletics Hall of Fame! ūüôā

STEM family night


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On August 16th, Werribee Primary school held their annual STEM family night. The event was a huge success and celebrated the fun learning activities our students experience in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The following clip shows some of these moments captured from the night.

Thank you to all those who attended and helped out on the night!

What did you enjoy the most about STEM night?

Family STEM night 16th August


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At Werribee Primary School we value the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). STEM covers a wide range of disciplines and skills, which are increasingly in demand in our rapidly changing world. STEM skills and knowledge are important for all stages of our learning, jobs and everyday lives.

As part of Victoria’s Education State initiative, the Victorian Government is providing $27 million over five years for 200 Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists in government schools across Victoria (two cohorts of 100 Specialists for two years each, starting in 2016).

In 2016, Werribee Primary School received funding to up skill 2 specialists in STEM. Our 2 specialist, Miss Elliott and Mrs Robertson have been working with teachers and students in their class and during lunchtime activities to help engage them in STEM experiences. We have also enlisted the help of a CSIRO Scientist to work at our school to strengthen our relationship with Primary Industries.

Experimenting with circuits and conductors

Investigating cubes

All students are invited to attend STEM club (a weekly lunchtime activity) that runs in Room 16 every Friday. STEM club provides students opportunities to engage in fun investigations of all kinds in the context of STEM learning.

Some of our activities have include:

  • Paper Helicopters
  • Engineering challenges
  • Using Microscopes to examine things up close
  • Experimenting with different materials


A few weeks ago students designed their own bubble wands to see if they could change what bubbles looked like. After some experimentation most students noticed how they could blow even bigger bubbles by using soapy hands.

For more information about STEM in schools please follow the link.

Year 6 students challenge themselves with s.t.e.M


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The Year 6 students took on a STEM challenge where they were determined to find 11 unique nets that could be folded to create a cube.

As the investigation continued some students in 6H decided to take on their own challenge in a project they called ‘Project 5 Cubes’ or ‘5C’s’ for short.
Students challenged themselves to find out how many 2D squares they would need if they were to fit one cube inside another. Here is some of the Mathematics they recorded:
1 x 1 cube = 6 2D squares
2 x 2 cube = 24 2D squares
3 x 3 cube = 54 2D squares
4 x 4 cube 96 2D squares
5 x5 cube 150 2D squares
Using a total of 340 2D squares


Students comments:
¬†“This was a fun project to do with a lot of cooperation” – Hayden
“This was a fun maths activity with lots of teamwork” – Hadar
“It was a project that needed teamwork and we went all GUNS BLAZING!” – Joanna
“Even though it was exhausting and hard to find enough materials, at least we had a lot of FUN!” – Kitchie


Students then went on to attempt to calculate how many more squares they would need to continue their project and tried hard to find a pattern to help them. They discovered that:

6 x 6 cube = 216 2D squares and that the number of squares needed increases by 12 more each time – 6 (+18), 24 (+30), 54 (+42), 96 (+54)

Could you help them to continue the pattern?



The Very Hungry Caterpillar


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This week the whole school celebrated Literacy and Numeracy week by using the picture story book ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as the focus for some fun and engaging lessons. Press play to see some examples of the students work this week.


A Vocabulary Extravaganza


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On Wednesday, August 28th we had a Vocabulary Extravaganza.

In classrooms the teachers read the picture story book ‘Miss Alaineus’ by Debra Frasier¬†to inspire the students and start the discussion and work on vocabulary. The students chose a word and created costumes to reflect their understanding of the meaning of their selected word.

There were 3 different multi-age parades in the gym.

Press play to veiw a few examples of the amazing costumes.

Well done to everyone who participated and thankyou to the parents who came to view the parades ūüôā

Vocabulary Displays (Literacy and Numeracy week)


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The focus for literacy and numeracy week at Werribee Primary School has been vocabulary. All grades were given a copy of the book¬† ‘Miss Alaneus¬†a vocabulary disaster’ by Debra Frasier to start the conversation about different ways we use words.


Grades displayed some of their vocabulary work in the gym today. Press play to view the fabulous displays.

Click below to view an e-book if you would like a closer look at the students amazing work
(* sorry the e-book won’t work on an apple)
Literacy & Numeracy week 2013 work displays
We also had 3 vocabulary parades in the gym where students dressed up as a word showing their understanding of that word – it was fantastic to see! There will be a post with photos of the parades very soon – watch this space……

1/2 R’s Work in class


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We have been working on our Letters! Do you want to have a look? We are telling you about our letters:  We have been writing to people.
We have also have been doing well on our maths. Please have a look.  We have been learning about times tables, money and divided by.
Here are some of our nude food tips too.
1.  Sneak nude food. 
2. Ask your mum if you can make your own lunch.
3. Wrap your Mum or Dad in gladwrap if they don’t let you have nude food. LOL J
By Lou, Lauren and Ashley S.

A Vocabulary Extravaganza!


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As part of Literacy and Numeracy Week (next week) we will be showcasing the wonderful things happening in the area of VOCABULARY across the school. Today at assembly the teachers modelled examples of different ways to dress up as a word.  Students will choose their own word and dress up on Wednesday the 28th of August for a parade in the gym. 

What will your word be?

Top Mathletics students at WPS


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Congratulations to Tulloch 1/2 C, Si Mond Htoo 3/4 T and Lily 5/6 S for recieving a certificate sent from Mathletics for mastering over 110 activities each.

Lily, Si Mond Htoo and Tulloch

Tulloch mastered 112 activities. Si Mond Htoo mastered 141 activities. Lily mastered 112 activities. To master an activity students must score 85% or higher. Well done on such a fantastic effort!

Angry Birds Angle Lesson


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The 5/6 Students have been learning about angles and how to use a protractor. To practice their skills they created their own Angry Birds level. The students loved it, please look below for examples of their work. To view more angry birds levels visit our wiki at The lesson was found on Mr Avery’s Blog (thanks Mr Avery).


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