Foundation to Year 2 Athletics


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Today the Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 Students participated in an Athletics Day. Congratulations to everyone that participated and thank you to the year 6 students and the teachers who assisted in running the day. Press Play to view a slideshow of all of the different events.

Foundation – Year 2 Cross Country


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Today was the Foundation to Year 2 cross country. It was great to see so many students trying their best. Press play to view a slideshow of todays event.


Rollathon 2018


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The Rollathon was held yesterday and was a great success – thank you so much to all our wonderful parent volunteers and staff who helped ensure the day ran smoothly.

Don’t forget to return your donations to the school by Friday 11th May to be in the draw for some great prizes. There will be a Junior School raffle and a Senior School raffle. Students receive one ticket for every $5 raised.

Press play to view a slideshow of the day

3-6 District Athletics last Wednesday


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Athletics last Wednesday.

Well done to all of the 3-6 students who participated in the District Athletics last week. It was great to see everyone trying their best. Werribee Primary School came 4th overall, well done. Congratulations to Manor Lakes who won the shield this year.

11 students made it through to the next round of athletics. Congratulations to the following students; Braydan, Reihana, Dave, Eh Moo, Ronald, Darcy, Lou-Lou, Adrijana, Maya, Lia & Ana. A huge thank you to Mrs Staehr for organising the day for Werribee Primary School!


3-6 House Athletics


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3 – 6 House Athletics was last Tuesday. A BIG THANK YOU to the parent helpers, student teachers and staff that worked so hard on the day to make it such a success! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Staehr for making the day possible and of course a big CONGRATULATIONS to the students that were superb!

The next round of athletics is on the 23rd of August and we have 43 students who will be competing in the District Athletics Carnival. We wish them all the best in their events.

The points for last Tuesday are as follows;

In 4th place with 581 points Red House.

In 3rd place with 642 points Blue House.

In 2nd place with 648 points Green House.


Congratulations to Yellow house who finished in first place with 763 points.


Press play below to see a slideshow of the day.

Cross Country


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Yesterday a fantastic bunch of year 3 to 6 students competed in the Werribee District Cross Country. All students demonstrated our school values and were very successful overall. Werribee Primary School finished 6th out of 10 schools. Manor Lakes finished first winning the shield this year.

Congratulations to the 4 students who have made it through to the next round;

Braydan from 6S finished 3rd

Lou Lou from 5S finished 2nd

Adrijana from 5B finished 5th

Sabrina from 6S finished 3rd

Thank you to Mrs Staehr for organising the day and Mr Hyde, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott for helping us on the day. Also, thank you to Hailee (Emily’s mum) for taking some amazing photos.

Press play to view a slideshow of the day.

As I’m getting ready to start running everything goes silent, unexpectedly I hear the word ‘GO!’ I run and I’m pushing myself to the front, I let everything go and just run. I don’t let anything distract me. My competition started dropping behind me and I just kept going. ‘Ahh’ I got a stitch, but I kept my mind on my goal and I pushed straight through it like I’m breaking through a wall. I was going to stop, but I didn’t have long to go, so I said to myself ‘No I’m not giving up I’m going to keep running, but at the same time I have to try to preserve my energy till the end, even if I don’t win I’ve won my own race by bettering myself. ‘ So I keep running and I get 2nd place, but then he came back up behind me and he got in front of me again. Him and his teammate encourage each other down till the final moment but then in the crowd all I could hear was Blake yelling and screaming at me go ‘you’re almost there Braydan!’ So I follow his advice and I start sprinting and I slow down because I thought I was at the end because last year this was the finish line. My mum yells ‘keep running you’re almost there!’ so I start sprinting again, as I go past the finish line I hear Blake, Sam and a few others yelling and saying ‘Yeah! Great job!’ and so I finish 3rd and I get my certificate. My mum comes and hugs me and says ‘One better than last year’ I replied in an exhausted voice ‘1 point for each kilometre’.

by Braydan

Rollathon Rescheduled to Thursday 18th May


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The Rollathon has been rescheduled to Thursday the 18th of May 2017.

Students are only allowed to bring a bike or a scooter and helmets must be worn. No skateboards, roller blades, skipping or balls  are allowed in our Rollathon.

All students (and staff) are encouraged to wear their house colours (yellow, red, blue and green). 

Don’t miss out on receiving a raffle ticket (1 for every $5 raised). There are 2 brand new Sacrificing Scooters, 2 X-brand helmets and other amazing prizes to be won.

Winners will be announced at assembly on Monday the 29th of May @ 9am.

We also need some parent helpers to help on the day if you have your working with children check and can help at any time on the day please fill in the slip provided or contact the school.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe day at the Rollathon, By Komol  5B

Years 3-6 District Athletics Day


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What a fantastic day of running, jumping and throwing! Mrs Staehr, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott took 48 students to the District Athletics Competition to compete against 9 other schools from our region.

All of the students showed excellent effort in their competitions, and supported each other by cheering on their peers.

Press play to see how we went 🙂

A special thanks to Mrs Staehr for organising the day for our students.

Year 5/6 Hoop time


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56 Hoop time 2016 


Yesterday Miss Scarrott and Miss Elliott took 6 teams to Eagle stadium to compete in a basketball competition. We were very proud of our students for showing the school values, trying hard all day, showing excellent team work and overall, enjoying themselves.

A huge thank you to Davin and Michelle for helping out all day. 






Here is a snapshot by Piper from 6M about yesterday;

Sweat drips off my dangerously hot head onto the polished wooden floor. Time is ticking rapidly, I’m starting to panic. I’m frantically searching for someone to pass to… No one’s there. My feet thud on the court. Running one side to another, it was longer than I thought. So many opportunities out there but I want this for myself. I shoot for goal, thud, thud, the ball bounced on the ring hitting the clear backboard and into the basket. I jump up and down excitedly, “I can’t believe I got it in” I thought. 


Girls footy


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On Monday the 13th of May, some of the year six girls played footy. The weather was on our side with a nice sunny day and not the slightest bit of wind. The girls enjoyed tackling and unfolding new skills that they hadn’t learnt yet. We won two games and lost two games, then played a friendly match with our Lady of the Southern Cross. We finished fourth overall and we were all very proud of ourselves. Every one showed good sportsmanship and played fairly, but the most important thing, was that everyone had fun, and left the field with a smile! Also, a big thanks to Miss Scarrott, and all the parents that came along, especially Mrs Caserta for bringing us cut oranges and snakes.  🙂  🙂

Rollathon 2016


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On Wednesday the whole school took part in our Rollathon fundraiser. Students (and some teachers) either rode, scootered or ran/walked the course. Thanks everybody who participated in the rollathon and a huge thanks to everyone helped made the day fun. And a big shout out to Mr Miller and Mrs Wembridge for organising the whole day and making it fun for everyone. Thanks parent’s, students and staff that helped on the day.

Great participation and resilience shown by everyone! 🙂

by the eSmart team

Years 3 to 6 Cross Country


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Today students from years 3 to 6 participated in cross country beside the Werribee River. It was great to see everyone showing resilience by not giving up and doing their best on a hot steamy day. We loved seeing students and teachers in their house colours and cheering each other on.

cross country collage 2

cross country collage 1

Well done to everyone for having a go in the stinking hot weather.

Thankyou to all the parent helpers and the teachers. A special thanks to Mrs Staehr for such amazing organisation of the day.

By Jess and Day Day (Blue and Green House Captains)

Hoop Time


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Friday’s Hoop Time:

39 students participated in Hoop Time at the Rec Centre last Friday. Throughout the day the children participated in a skills session and then a round robin of fun games in the afternoon session.


House Captains @ Leadership Day


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On Tuesday 16th of June Mrs Staehr took Joel, Jake, Tom, Conor, Lani and Monique to Etihad Stadium and Witten oval for a Sport Leadership day. We learnt a lot of new things about football and leadership. Jordan Roughead the Vice-captain of the Western bulldogs talked to us about his leadership. He told us that when he was in year 11 he really needed to step up in his leadership because people were looking at him playing football. When he was in year 12 he was drafted to the Western Bulldogs and became a Vice Captain of the Western Bulldogs.

We saw some other Western Bulldog players and we saw retired players like Jason Akarmanis who became a Hall of Fame player last week and a statue of Tony Liberatore at The front of Witten oval. We had a lot of fun at Witten oval and at Etihad Stadium and it was a great experience and learning about leadership. Below we have short movie trailer of yesterday we hope you enjoy. By Joel (Blue House Captain)

Athletics day!


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Yesterday was years 3-6 Athletics day. Everybody participated, so we had maximum amount of fun. Mrs Staehr did a great job in organising the event. The events were shot-put, high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles, discus, 100 m sprint, 200 m sprint and 800 m sprint.  A huge thanks to the parents who came and helped with the sporting events, organising and packing equipment. We couldn’t have had such a success without you! Press play to watch a slideshow of the day,

by the student eSmart Team.


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