#1 Victorian Energy School of the Year 2017


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We won the ResourceSmart Energy School of the Year!!
Werribee PS is the #1 Energy school in Victoria!

Love Your Locals Day – Werribee Open Range Zoo


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We became Extinction Fighters at the “Love Your Locals” day at Werribee Open Range Zoo on Thursday 7 Sep. We were one of 11 schools participating. We gave one of the new EBBs (Eastern Barred Bandicoot) a new name. We chose ‘Cherish’ because we love the EBBs. We have had the opportunity to name 3 other bandicoots over previous years – Cooryong, CoCo and Crash. The Zoo currently has 30 EBBs in their breeding pens, as well as Maremma dogs in training to protect the EBBs.




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Werribee Primary School is making a TAKE2 pledge, which is a promise to take action on climate change.

There are a lot of single-use plastic products many of us use without thinking.
You can choose to refuse plastic by selecting one of these actions:

1. Take a reusable cup for a takeaway coffee

2. Say ‘no thanks’ to plastic straws
3. Fill your own reusable bottle with water and take it with you.

4. Take a reusable container to get your takeaway.

5. Use reusable bags when grocery shopping!

Our Profile page is: https://www.take2.vic.gov.au/pledges/?profileid=612c20a2-ec6c-e711-8108-1458d05a586c

Do you have any spare change?


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The Common Cents challenge is to collect 300 – 5cent pieces. Classes have been given a poster to mark off the coins collected. Money raised will support the Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Threatened Species Program for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Werribee Primary School has supported the Love Your Locals program for several years.

Money will be collected on Thursday 8th June.

Each completed 5 cent poster is enough money to care for an Eastern Barred Bandicoot for one month.

Active Travel Launch – March 17, 2017


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As part of the Active Travel program, Werribee Primary School has had Active Travel markers installed to show where to travel safely and actively to school. Three Active Travel paths have been installed – Kelly Path, Soldiers Path and River Path. Students and their families, teachers, and representatives from Wyndham City Council and Bicycle Network met at one of the designated path starting points to walk to school together.
We had over 80 families walk on the day. The weather was perfect.
Will you be walking more often?

Lunchtime Gardening


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Thank you to the students who have been joining Mrs Wembridge for Lunchtime Gardening on Thursdays. They have been very busy weeding and digging the vegie patch in the Secret Garden and have also planted new plants in the raised beds in front of Rooms 1 & 2.

Clean Up Australia Day – March 2017


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Since 1992, school communities across Australia have demonstrated their support for caring for the environment through participating in Schools Clean Up Day. Clean Up Australia demonstrates that people are willing to do something to help protect and care for their environment.

Thank you


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Thank you to Evie, Ethan and Hayley for helping the Werribee Open Range Zoo. These three students were part of a photo shoot on Tuesday to create an informative document to tell others about what to expect when visiting the zoo.

Walktober Begins on Monday


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Walking is good for children: Walking is a great social activity where children spend time with family and friends. 

Walking is good for schools: More children walking to school means less traffic around the scenergy-sustainability21056hool and improved safety for the children.

Walking is good for the environment: Walking is a non-polluting way to travel

Walking saves money: Walking is free.


Love Your Locals Day


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The BEST (Environment Student Leaders and Reps) had a fun filled day at the Werribee Open Range Zoo on Thursday. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness of the extinction of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot in the wild. The Zoo is doing all it can to ensure its survival through captive breeding and increasing community awareness.


I’m a Little Bandicoot
Short and Stout
Here are my stripes and Here is my Snout
When the Foxes and Cats come
Hear me shout
“Guardian Dogs Keep Them Out”

BEST at WORZ20160901_135635

National Tree Day 2016


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Last week the whole school read ‘The Last Tree in the City’ by Peter Canavas. Each year level created something inspired by the book. Students from each year level presented their work at assembly on Monday – press play to see their amazing work.

The book reminded us how important nature is and to always think of others and lead by example.

‘The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago. The second best time is today.’

On Friday students from across the school contributed to weeding and planting to help improve our gardens. Press play to see some of the hard work 🙂

Thank you to everyone who participated – a big thanks to Mrs Wembridge for organising the lessons and gardening. 🙂

Learning About Waste


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Over the last couple of weeks, Tess and Evan have been conducting waste incursions for all classes. They have been learning what can and cannot be recycled. What do you know about recycling?


Waste Incursion2_7_Images

Just a reminder:

  1. 1. Nude food is best (then there is no rubbish)
  2. 2. If you decide to bring food in packaging then the landfill rubbish belongs to you and needs to be taken home.

There are two Snack Shack areas. This is the only place where students are allowed to eat when outside.


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Clean Up DayThank you everyone! You have made our school look fantastic.

BEST leaders visit the Zoo


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The Best leaders and class representatives were part of a media launch at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Albus the Guardian dog was the star attraction. The dogs are being trained to protect the Eastern Barred Bandicoots from predators such as foxes and feral cats.

There are more photos on the Zoo’s website:  http://www.zoo.org.au/news/schools-in-for-guardian-dog-squad

NameDog Medi

Twelve Days of a Green Christmas


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The Twelve Days of Green Christmas

christmas tree1. Keep your Christmas cool
External shades can cut heat gain in your home by up to 85 per cent.

2. Fans use less energy than air conditioners
If you do need to use an air conditioner, set the thermostat to 26º C.

3. Lights off
Let Christmas lights twinkle in the evening, but switch them off before going to bed.

4. Go local
Shop locally to support your local economy and cut greenhouse gases from transport.

5. Don’t go over the top this Christmas
Choose practical gifts that serve a purpose, such as movie tickets or memberships.

6. Be picky about packaging
Buy products with the least packaging possible.

7. Take your own bags
Take reusable bags when shopping and say no to plastic bags.

8. Buy Solar Panels
Give a gift to the planet!

9. Get creative
Wrap presents in newspaper or brown paper and decorate them with flowers, ribbon or string, or put gifts in a reusable bag. Remember to recycle wrapping paper and materials for next Christmas.

10. Send electronic Christmas cards instead of paper ones
E-cards are a fast and fun way to wish family and friends a happy Christmas.

11. Recycle the paper Christmas cards you receive
Recycle Christmas cards at a recycling bin in Coles supermarkets til the end of January.

12. Do the right thing
If celebrating Christmas in a park, take reusable plates instead of paper or plastic. Remember to bin your rubbish, recycle what you can and compost all left-overs.

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