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Whenever I go to school

I have to follow the rules

I love going to class

I always have a blast

Learning is so much fun

I always like to come




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You need to respect others at school

Its important to follow this rule

Use kind words every day

Be careful what you say

If you clean your learning space

You will have a better place



Resilience is cool

We always follow this rule

Mistakes are okay

We learn from them every day



My name is Robbie Responsibility

I know I have the ability

To do what’s right

To do what’s good

To meet my goals

And follow routines

‘Forest Conversation’ Poem


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The year 6’s are learning about poems, specifically about sound and onomatopoeia, which is a word that sounds like the sound it’s representing. When it came to writing my poem, I decided to put a creative twist on my writing and use the words in a different way. Here it is:


What did you think of my poem?

Feel free to share your own poems in the comments!

From Samantha 6S

Writing display


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In 5M we have this up on our writing wall to inspire us to zoom in on the best and important bits in your writing.

It helps us to remember to write in an interesting way and use the 6+1 traits of writing.


How do you remember yours?

Please write a comment below on how you remember to use the writing traits.

by Nicholas and Loki, eSmart reps

Writing Competition


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Year 3 students entered the Write4 Fun writing competition last term. Seven of them were chosen as finalists ,which means their short stories will now be published in a book! 

Well done to these students for becoming published authors:

Zahra, Jack M, Zoe, Lou, Madi B, Heaven and Abhi

 Click below to read their stories in an online flip book (double click on pages to make it easier to read the texts).

Year 3 top Write 4 Fun competition entries

What do you think of their writing?

Published Authors @ WPS!


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free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at

They are both now published authors! They entered the write 4 fun writing competition last term and were chosen as finalists which means their short stories will now be published in a book! 🙂  🙂 


I walk in the scorching heat holding my wounded brother while his blood drips down my leg. I hear screams coming from the front, people dying of exhaustion from the heat.

My sister is yelling in my ear because she has been walking for 12 hours with no rest and my mother is too tired and weak to hold her. In the distance I see a tent. Is that it, could it be, it’s the camp. I’m finally here.

Upon entering the camp, I dropped my brother, then lay down beside him on the boiling sand. My sister lies on top on of me. I whispered “we made it”.

By Salsa  



The smoke seeps through the wet hand towel around my mouth and nose, eyes stinging. I feel as powerless and vulnerable against this wall of flames as a fish out of water. Engulfed by the smoke and flames my inferior body becomes drowsy and I collapse in frustration as isolation overcomes me. 3 Hours later I wake up in the arms of an amazing heroic girl, full of self-sacrifice. The shaking of my body makes me assume we are running. She puts me down and lays the wet hand towel on my charred skin beginning to harden over my chest making it hard to breath.

By Charlie


Click here to read other finalists writing from W.P.S who entered previous write 4 fun competitions.


What do you think of these amazing stories?


Mega Writer’s Workshop Year 6


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Today the year 6 students wrote through the eyes of an influencial person in Australia’s History. There are too many amazing pieces of writing to share them all, but here are the pieces that were shared on the Author’s Chair in the Learning Gallery today.

Victor chang

I’m nervous I see blood, I shiver. I’m cold but I still have to do this. I push the scalpel through the skin and muscles. I see the heart, I grab it and it’s squishy. The colour of the blood is blue not red like I expected.

By Luke 6S


Edmund Barton

Edmund, Edmund, Edmund the whole crowd cheers as I walked up to the stage, my heart was pounding rapidly as if I was getting murdered, making me a nervous wreck. As I near up to the microphone many people gathered to see what I have to say. In no time I presented my magnificent and influential speech. The whole crowd cheered.

By Eh Htoo Wah 6K


George Reid

25th February 1999

This is officially my first diary! Of course I would never purchase a diary for myself on my birthday but my wife Flora insisted that I should write down my feelings, for I am a very stressed man. I have a bad habit of stuffing my pockets with lollies and munching on them all day long. I also have a bad habit of dozing off in public areas.

I think of myself as a quite popular man. I have written a succesful book titled ‘My Reminiscence’. I am and always have been a supporter of Federation. There is a rumour flooding every street and that rumour is that Federation will be held next year. I care not of when Federation is, as long as it comes one day my dreams will come true.

By Tia 6R

5/6’s @ Camp Kangaroobie 2015


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At the end of last term, the 5/6’s went to Camp Kangaroobie in Princetown, along the Great Ocean Road. On the way there we stopped at Loch Ard Gorge and The Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell.

Loch_Ard_Gorge_Panorama_July_2005 IMG_0960

We also stopped for snack and lunch and a little play. We finally arrived at camp at 3.00 pm in the afternoon. We had 3 days of challenging activities and great fun.

Overall, we had an incredible journey of self-discovery where we found that we had the mental toughness and courageous spirit to do anything we put our minds into. We bonded together as a group and we made fantastic friendships. We came back inspired by what we have achieved and everyone had a positive story to tell.

We would like to thank the 5/6 teachers, Maryanne, Terri and our parent helpers, Adam Vallance, Dave Reynolds, Gary Dancey, Jason Smith, Teagan Ball and Michael Markovski.

Press play below to watch a slideshow of our camp, we hope you enjoy it.

Click on the e-book below to read some fantastic snapshots written by students about Camp Kangaroobie.
Snapshots of 5/6 camp 2015
What do you think of the student’s snapshots?

Have you been to Camp Kangaroobie?

If so can you share your favourite memory of the camp?


Year 6 Mega Writer’s Workshop


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Today was the first Mega Writer’s Workshop for year 6. The focus was word choice.  The students chose one of the following topics to write a snapshot about.
1. What is your idea of a perfect day?
2. Describe your best friend.
3. What are the characteristics of the smartest person you have ever met?
4. Describe the loneliest place in the world.

It was amazing to see our writing community come together for the first time with some amazing pieces of writing created in a very short time. 🙂

Congratulations and thankyou to the students who shared their writing with all of us by sitting on the Author’s chair at the end of the workshop.

Mega Writers Workshop Collage

Click to enlarge Tia’s snapshot.

Tia's snapshot


This was written in only 20 minutes with no chance for buddy reading or use of dictionary or thesaurus!

Dangerous and unusual journeys to school


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The year 6 students viewed pictures of 25 of the most dangerous and unusual journeys to school in the world as a writing prompt with some amazing results!

Maliha chose the following picture as a prompt for her piece of writing.

 One Part of My Daily Life

children-going-to-school-around-the-world-51The ground crunched under my feet as I made my deadly journey to school. Cracked glaciers caught my scanning eyes here and there. One huge gap in the ice lay gaping right in front of me. The crack with endless depth was so wide it seemed impossible to jump over. Unfortunately I had no other option. With my heart pounding, I took one last deep breath and before I could lose my courage, I jumped. For one dreadful fraction of a second I was suspended in mid-air, but the next moment I landed on the other side with a loud THUD!

Relief flooded into my mind when I safely landed, even though it was kind of pointless. In the distance I can see those intimidating mountains that I’ll have looming out of the horizon. Ahead of me faced countless other dangers that will make jumping over crack in the ice seem like crossing a playground.

This route to school might seem ridiculously dangerous to most kids who live safe and fortunate lives, but this journey which is probably one of the most dangerous routes to school is only one part of my daily life.

By Maliha 6S


Abby’s Fantastic Writing!


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Hi Everyone,

Here is Abby’s piece of writing (Foundation P). I hope you enjoy it!

Great job Abby, keep up the good work!

From Garrett and Lucas (school captains)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


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This week the whole school celebrated Literacy and Numeracy week by using the picture story book ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ as the focus for some fun and engaging lessons. Press play to see some examples of the students work this week.


5/6 Mega Writer’s Workshop


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HungryCaterpillarAs part of Literacy and Numeracy week we are using the ‘Very Hungry Catterpillar’ accross the whole school as focus this week.

On Wednesday the year 5 and year 6 students came together for a Mega Writer’s Workshop. We all watched an animated version of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and an interview with the author about how he wrote the story. Then all of the students found a space to sit down and write a snapshot pretending we were the very hungry catterpillar.

The Mega Writers Workshop went really well seeings that we had both 5’s and 6’s together for the first time this year.

image   image

image   image

Congratulations to all the students that shared their writing on the author’s chair at the end of the workshop!

Here are some examples of the amazing snapshots that were written during the Mega Writer’s Workshop.

This snapshot is by Charlie 5P

image Egg

Pitch black, nothing, I have no idea. What am I or who am I? All I know is I’m hungry.  My search for food begins. But how am I supposed to find food? I’m nothing. Just sitting here  in this… I have no clue what this is. I can feel a wall. Maybe I can escape this thing that seems as endless as space. I push so hard it feels like my eyes are going to pop out. A little crack opens, the light stings my eyes as I push my way through. It’s beautiful and extremely luscious land scape with scrumptious leaves everywhere.


The first snapshot below is by Nui 5S and the second one is by Mitchell 6R.

image   image

What do you think of their writing?


Amazing Poem


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This is a writing piece by Lucy in 1/ 2 E


Do you have any Positive feedback about Lucy’s writing?

What was your favourite part about Lucy’s writing?

From Lucas and Mitchell (School Captains)



Year 6 Mega Writer’s workshop sharing


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Today we had another Mega Writer’s workshop. Sarah and I were chosen to share our snapshots on our natural disaster. We agreed to put them up for everyone to see. Have a read and tell us what you think. The snapshots are on different disasters so have a guess which one we have written about.

Claire’s snapshot 6S
I stare off into the distance where the wild horses wander in search of water just like me. I think to myself about how hard it must be and I realise why I’m out here in such heat on my own. Without water nothing will live and everything would be powerless. I’m so enraged at what the weather has done that I could just scream but the lingering sadness left in me keeps me from it. I can’t afford to lose anymore. In a world that is now different to the one I used to know I am lost and insecure. I sit down for a while in what seems like the middle of nowhere and think to myself. ‘I wish for there to be rain’ I say quietly in my head. Everything around me is still and isolated as if there was nothing here at all. As I lean against the dry beat tree something seems to stab my back and I jerk up about to shout. At that moment I seem to realise that I’m in an empty field with few living trees struggling through the rock hard soil already cracked from the heat. I seemed to have been blinded by my feelings taking over me.

Sarah’s snapshot 6F
The world trembles beneath my feet and buildings come crashing down. The panes of glass shoot down onto the cold hard floor and a piece of metal pushes me to the ground. I feel my heart thumping inside my chest, my hands tremble as they search through the roughage on the ground but I find nothing.  My head begins to throb with thoughts rushing through it, ‘Will I live? Will the screams around me fade away?’ In panic, I stop. I listen to the shrieking screams that surround me and the banging sound of glass piercing the ground. I push the metal off me and stumble over the rocks that cover the ground like a blanket.

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