3-6 House Athletics


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3 ‚Äď 6 House Athletics was last Tuesday. A BIG THANK YOU to the parent helpers, student teachers and staff that worked so hard on the day to make it such a success! Also a huge thank you to Mrs Staehr for making the day possible and of course a big CONGRATULATIONS to the students that were superb!

The next round of athletics is on the 23rd of August and we have 43 students who will be competing in the District Athletics Carnival. We wish them all the best in their events.

The points for last Tuesday are as follows;

In 4th place with 581 points Red House.

In 3rd place with 642 points Blue House.

In 2nd place with 648 points Green House.


Congratulations to Yellow house who finished in first place with 763 points.


Press play below to see a slideshow of the day.

Please help us


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Have you noticed all the rubbish around our yard? We have, and we want to change things to make our school beautiful again. We made this video to show you why and how you can help.

Do you have any other ideas about how we can make a difference? If so please post a comment below. ūüôā

Rollathon donations


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A huge thank you goes to all of the parent volunteers that helped supervise the Rollathon last week, greatly appreciated. And well done to everyone that participated!

free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com

Every $5 raised earns a raffle ticket. There are 2 brand new Sacrificing Scooters, 2 X-brand helmets and other amazing prizes to be won.

Money is due by this Friday and the raffle will be drawn at Assembly on Monday 29th May. Thank you to everyone who has already collected donations.

Harmony Day


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The school was filled with colour and excitement! Students, teachers and parents celebrated Harmony Day in style. We had amazing displays from a range of different cultures set up in the gym. A huge thank you to everyone involved in organising today.

Press play to see some fabulous clothes worn and some of the displays and activities in the gym.

What does Harmony Day mean to you?

Did you visit the gym, if so what did you see?

Icecream stall


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Come one come all to the ice cream stall, we have ice cream cups and we have cones and best of all we have different kinds of toppings.

When will this amazing event happen you ask? Well its on: Friday 2nd of December.

What are the costs of these amazing sugary treats? only $2.00 for an ice cream, and toppings only 50 cents each!

(Please bring ice cream and topping donations any time before the 2nd of December).

Image result for icecream clipart                                                          please donate ice cream,toppings, and cones.





Year 3 & 4 Camp


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We had so much fun but we were exhausted afterwards. We want to do it all again!!

Years 3-6 District Athletics Day


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What a fantastic day of running, jumping and throwing! Mrs Staehr, Mrs Smider and Miss Scarrott took 48 students to the District Athletics Competition to compete against 9 other schools from our region.

All of the students showed excellent effort in their competitions, and supported each other by cheering on their peers.

Press play to see how we went ūüôā

A special thanks to Mrs Staehr for organising the day for our students.

What do you think of their moves?


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This is what some of our students in Year 4S came up with. They worked together to create it in Music class, what do you think?

Effort is important


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The year 4’s are working on improving our effort in all our work and everything that we do. This is a picture of the Year 4 effort poster. We use it to help us stay on task and do our best. It is important to use effort so you can learn and bring out the best of yourself.


Do you have an effort poster in your classroom?

By, Jack and Tristan eSmart


Rollathon 2016


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On Wednesday the whole school took part in our Rollathon fundraiser. Students (and some teachers) either rode, scootered or ran/walked the course. Thanks everybody who participated in the rollathon and a huge thanks to everyone helped made the day fun. And a big shout out to Mr Miller and Mrs Wembridge for organising the whole day and making it fun for everyone. Thanks parent’s, students and staff that helped on the day.

Great participation and resilience shown by everyone! ūüôā

by the eSmart team



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All Year 4 grades have made some ecosystems and they look absolutely fantastic. They are of diffrent ecosystems like desert, forest, and under water and more. Do you want to look at them?


IMGP0033 IMGP0032 IMGP0031 IMGP0026 IMGP0027

What do you know about ecosystems?

Walk to school & healthy breakfast @ WPS


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Thankyou to all the teachers that helped with the walk and breakfast and to everyone who attended. ūüôā

Press play to see some pictures from Friday morning.

Did you attend the healthy breakfast?
Why is it important to have a healthy breakfast?

3/4 camp 2015


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Camp Manyung

This year the 3/4s went to mount Eliza to go to camp Manyung. All the kids had a great experience and there was yummy food and great activities. The great activities were; Giant swing, flying fox, tree rolling, beach games, rock pool ramble, bush cooking, bike riding, radios, basketball, table tennis, ga ga pit, tennis, movie and disco. By Lou, Tristan, Nadia and Manaia


We have a question for you – have you ever been to camp Manyung?


Art fancies


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Hello! Come and see the art work by foundation to year 6 students in 2015.
by Tyler and Jensen (eSmart reps).

Click to enlarge any of the photos

image image image

image image image

IMG_0662 IMG_0655 IMG_0656

image image image

We think the work is outstanding, what do you think?


What Year 4’s did at the museum :-)


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First we took a 1 hour drive on the bus. When we got there we had snack with 4T and 4G. The first exhibit was the Melbourne Exhibit there was a old house you could walk in and out and there was a old creepy shed. Also there was a tiny town and models of old guns and clothes.   There was a big horse named Pharlap we walked out of the Melbourne exhibit we walked past a whale skeleton. There was krill fish and then there was the second exhibit which was about animals going extinct. like koalas seals eels and the white rhino. We walked in to a cool rain forest type place as we walked I thought I would get eaten by a t-rex  its like we went back in time to the cretaceous period we walked up the dirt trail and it led us to a dark cave were you can see under the pond. We also saw  diamonds and a big gold nugget.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

IMG_0318  IMG_0311








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