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Whenever I go to school

I have to follow the rules

I love going to class

I always have a blast

Learning is so much fun

I always like to come




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You need to respect others at school

Its important to follow this rule

Use kind words every day

Be careful what you say

If you clean your learning space

You will have a better place



Resilience is cool

We always follow this rule

Mistakes are okay

We learn from them every day



My name is Robbie Responsibility

I know I have the ability

To do what’s right

To do what’s good

To meet my goals

And follow routines

Vote for the Dream Party :-)


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Year 6 Campaign Speeches


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The year 6’s are having an election as part of their Government Unit for term 4. Each class has worked hard to create their own policies and campaign speech. There is a whole school voting day on Wednesday the 15th of November in the Learning Gallery. See timetable below for your classes time to vote.

If you missed seeing the speeches at assembly, or want to watch them again here they are;

Make a Change Party (James 6M)

The Say-lor Party (Senuka 6H)

The Dream Party (Gabriel 6S)

Timetable for election day:

9:15am – Foundation B & Foundation G

9:30am – Foundation M & 1C

9:45am – 1I & 1P

10:15am – 4D & 5M

11:10am – 1/2W & 2B

11:25am – 2C & 2S

11:40am – 3J, 3R & 3H

11:55am – 4E & 4S

12:25pm – 5B & 5S


Who do you think is the most persuasive?


Halloween Disco


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Thank you to everyone that came to the disco and helped make the night so much fun!

If you missed out here is a slideshow of the night.

A HUGE thank you to the parent committee from Werribee Friends for organising the night.

Spanish Fiesta Day


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Last week Werribee Primary School had its first ever Spanish Fiesta Day! It was a fantastic day and everyone had great fun! Teachers and students came dressed up in Spanish inspired clothing and learned many different Spanish dances with the help of a dance incursion. The foundation students had some fantastic “Day of the Dead” face paint done by our amazing year 6 students and all them had a blast! We also had the chance to try some Spanish food and the churros were a hit with the students!

We would like to thank all the teachers and students in dressing up and participating in the day and we hope to have another fiesta again!

A MASSIVE Thank you to the Specialist Teachers for organising the day! 🙂

Ole! Ole! Ole!

#1 Victorian Energy School of the Year 2017


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We won the ResourceSmart Energy School of the Year!!
Werribee PS is the #1 Energy school in Victoria!

Congratulations Kaidyn


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Well done to Kaidyn from 6H who placed 50th on the Australian Mathletics Hall of Fame! 🙂

Developmental Play Open Session


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Creating Mr Robot

A cup of tea anyone?

Who had more fun??

Organizing a holiday with the Travel Agent

Designing a new outfit for a happy customer

Love Your Locals Day – Werribee Open Range Zoo


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We became Extinction Fighters at the “Love Your Locals” day at Werribee Open Range Zoo on Thursday 7 Sep. We were one of 11 schools participating. We gave one of the new EBBs (Eastern Barred Bandicoot) a new name. We chose ‘Cherish’ because we love the EBBs. We have had the opportunity to name 3 other bandicoots over previous years – Cooryong, CoCo and Crash. The Zoo currently has 30 EBBs in their breeding pens, as well as Maremma dogs in training to protect the EBBs.


Year 2 Day Camp


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What a fantastic day! We had so much fun. Archery, mini golf, walking, low rope, bush hut building, challenges, games room, photo trail, BBQ lunch and a massive dinner. The weather was great and we were very well behaved. Thank you to the teachers for organizing the day!!


Spanish Fiesta Day! OLE OLE OLE!!!


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Spanish Fiesta Day!

Thursday the 12th of October is National Spanish Day in Spain and Werribee Primary School will be holding a Spanish Cultural Fiesta to celebrate our Spanish language and culture program.

Students will have the opportunity to pre-order traditional Spanishpaella and churros for lunch, Foundation students will experience Spanish face painting and Years 1-6 will be able to participate in a Spanish Flamenco dance incursion. Our specialist program will focus on Spanish throughout the week, with students experiencing different types of Spanish music, dance and games, different Spanish foods and Spanish art and artists.

Students will be introduced to a variety of Spanish outfits and encouraged to come to school in Spanish dress-up for the day.


Order forms for Spanish food can be obtained from Señor Araya or download here!

Note: All orders to be returned by 10am Friday 15th September with payment


STEM family night


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On August 16th, Werribee Primary school held their annual STEM family night. The event was a huge success and celebrated the fun learning activities our students experience in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The following clip shows some of these moments captured from the night.

Thank you to all those who attended and helped out on the night!

What did you enjoy the most about STEM night?

The NED show!


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NED came by Werribee Primary School earlier this month and it made a splash with everyone! through the use of awesome and fun Yoyo’s NED was able to help the students at Werribee Primary School to Never give up, Encourage others and to Do your best!

Students had such a great time that yoyo’s were the huge hit! If you still have your yoyo keep practicing your skills to learn new tricks and remember to Never give up, Encourage others and to Do your best!

Here are some pictures of the event!



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Werribee Primary School is making a TAKE2 pledge, which is a promise to take action on climate change.

There are a lot of single-use plastic products many of us use without thinking.
You can choose to refuse plastic by selecting one of these actions:

1. Take a reusable cup for a takeaway coffee

2. Say ‘no thanks’ to plastic straws
3. Fill your own reusable bottle with water and take it with you.

4. Take a reusable container to get your takeaway.

5. Use reusable bags when grocery shopping!

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