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You need to respect others at school

Its important to follow this rule

Use kind words every day

Be careful what you say

If you clean your learning space

You will have a better place



Resilience is cool

We always follow this rule

Mistakes are okay

We learn from them every day



My name is Robbie Responsibility

I know I have the ability

To do what’s right

To do what’s good

To meet my goals

And follow routines

Vote for the Dream Party :-)


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Year 6 Campaign Speeches


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The year 6’s are having an election as part of their Government Unit for term 4. Each class has worked hard to create their own policies and campaign speech. There is a whole school voting day on Wednesday the 15th of November in the Learning Gallery. See timetable below for your classes time to vote.

If you missed seeing the speeches at assembly, or want to watch them again here they are;

Make a Change Party (James 6M)

The Say-lor Party (Senuka 6H)

The Dream Party (Gabriel 6S)

Timetable for election day:

9:15am – Foundation B & Foundation G

9:30am – Foundation M & 1C

9:45am – 1I & 1P

10:15am – 4D & 5M

11:10am – 1/2W & 2B

11:25am – 2C & 2S

11:40am – 3J, 3R & 3H

11:55am – 4E & 4S

12:25pm – 5B & 5S


Who do you think is the most persuasive?


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